Monday, September 11, 2017

And We're Off!

Our first week of school is behind us with so much accomplished. Students are getting to know each other better with activities like the Me Bag, Birds of a Feather and Getting To Know You Bingo. They also painted hot air balloons for a class mural. I have moved desks around several times already, to give students more opportunities to get to know one another.

Parents and families, thank you for bringing your child to our Meet the Teacher event with their school supplies. I enjoyed getting to meet all of my new second graders and their families. Having school supplies unloaded before the first day of school lessens first day jitters for students and allows more time for getting to know one another and their new classroom.

Thank you for signing up for ClassDojo to stay connected to our class. Our goal is for 100% of families to be connected. We are almost there with 84% of families signed up!

Friday was our last day for sharing snacks at school. If you would like your child to continue having a morning snack each day,  please provide a single serving for them. Appropriate snacks include crackers, cheesesticks, fruit, or veggies. For more ideas, click on the snack link at the top of this page. No cookies or sweets please.

Pe Clipart Images & Pictures - BecuoPlease remember to have your child wear shoes with rubber soles and no heels on P.E. days. Sandals, cowboy boots, dressy platform shoes with slick or chunky soles are unsafe and not appropriate for the gym. They may bring P.E. shoes in their backpack, and then change right before P.E. Girls wearing dresses or skirts should wear shorts underneath. 
We are on a 3-day rotation schedule for PE, music, and library. This means that our PE days will change every week. Our September PE days are:

9/6- Wednesday
9/11- Monday
9/14- Thursday
9/25- Monday
9/28- Thursday

Second grade is holding a curriculum night on Wednesday, September 13th from 6:00-6:45. I will be sharing our classroom handbook, homework, and answering any questions you may have. I hope to see you there!

September 11- Homework begins (practice week)
September 13- 2nd Grade Curriculum Night
                        Scholastic book orders are due.
September 15- Friday Surprise for all students with complete homework. 
September 20- Parent Information Night